What’s In It For Me?


What's in it for me?

Faith, and Reward in the Kingdom of God

Mark 10:17-31Mark 10:17-31
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

El joven rico 17 Al salir él para seguir su camino, llegó uno corriendo y, arrodillándose delante de él, le preguntó: --Maestro bueno, ¿qué haré para heredar la vida eterna?j 18 Jesús le dijo: --¿Por qué me llamas bueno? Nadie es bueno, sino sólo uno, Dios. 19 Los mandamientos sabes: “No adulteres. No mates. No hurtes. No digas falso testimonio. No defraudes.k Honra a tu padre y a tu madre”. 20 Él entonces, respondiendo, le dijo: --Maestro, todo esto lo he guardado desde mi juventud. 21 Entonces Jesús, mirándolo, lo amó y le dijo: --Una cosa te falta: anda, vende todo lo que tienes y dalo a los pobres, y tendrás tesoro en el cielo; y ven, sígueme, tomando tu cruz.l 22 Pero él, afligido por esta palabra, se fue triste, porque tenía muchas posesiones. 23 Entonces Jesús, mirando alrededor, dijo a sus discípulos: --¡Cuán difícilmente entrarán en el reino de Dios los que tienen riquezas!m 24 Los discípulos se asombraron de sus palabras; pero Jesús, respondiendo, volvió a decirles: --Hijos, ¡cuán difícil les es entrar en el reino de Dios a los que confían en las riquezas! 25 Más fácil es pasar un camello por el ojo de una aguja,n que entrar un rico en el reino de Dios. 26 Ellos se asombraban aun más, diciendo entre sí: --¿Quién, pues, podrá ser salvo? 27 Entonces Jesús, mirándolos, dijo: --Para los hombres es imposible, pero no para Dios, porque todas las cosas son posibles para Dios.ñ 28 Entonces Pedro comenzó a decirle: --Nosotros lo hemos dejado todo y te hemos seguido. 29 Respondió Jesús y dijo: --De cierto os digo que no hay nadie que haya dejado casa, o hermanos, o hermanas, o padre, o madre, o mujer,o o hijos, o tierras, por causa de mí y del evangelio, 30 que no reciba cien veces más ahora en este tiempo: casas, hermanos, hermanas, madres, hijos y tierras, aunque con persecuciones, y en el siglo venidero la vida eterna. 31 Pero muchos primeros serán los últimos, y los últimos, primeros.p

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                Most Christians are after God with the attitude, “What’s in it for me? What can God do for me?” What J. F. Kennedy said to the nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?” Could be paraphrased for Christians: Ask not what your God can do for you; but what can you do for your God! My message for the average church person is quit asking God, “What can You do for me, God? What’s in it for me?”


                  Today I want to introduce you to two people you know well. I have heard the first man described like this:


                 He’s rich. Italian shoes. Tailored suit. His money is invested. His plastic is platinum. He lives like he flies first class. He’s young. He pumps away fatigue at the gym and slam dunks old age on the court. His belly is flat, his eyes sharp. Energy is his trademark, and death is an eternity away. He’s powerful. if you don’t think so, just ask him. You got questions? He’s got answers. You got problems? He’s got solutions. You got dilemmas? He’s got opinions. He knows where he’s going, and he’ll be there tomorrow. He’s the new generation. So the old had better pick up the pace or pack their bags.


                He has mastered the three “Ps” of life today. Prosperity. Posterity. Power.


                 Who is he? He is the top salesman in his district, making it up the career ladder. She is the rising lawyer who was just made a partner at her prestigious law firm. He’s the successful real estate broker who has more listings than he can handle, escept he can handle them just fine. In the Bible, he is the rich young ruler. Until today, life for him has been hang gliding in a clear, blue sky but he runs into Jesus. He has one question, What’s in it for me, and what do I have to do to get it?


                  Here is the second person. He is called. He is gifted. He serves as an elder and a Sunday school teacher. He knows his Bible. He committed to the Great Commission. HE shares his faith. He is a true man of prayer. He is raising his family in the faith. He is a disciple of Jesus Christ. That is what people think, and that is the truth. But he also struggles. He struggles with one question, What is in it for me? Since I have given You so much, what can I get in return? I want health. I could use more money. I just want You to make my kids turn out all right. I just want to retire early.


               Who is he? He is every Christian who has come to think of a relationship with God as a deal, I will give You my life, but what do I get in return? To some degree he is probably all of us who follow Christ. In the Bible, he is Peter, Common to both the rich young man and Peter is the question that I am posing. What’s in it for me?


                  Here in Mark 10, we discover Jesus teaching on wealth and reward in the kingdom of God. But it is more. It is God’s call for seekers to know to come to Him and for disciples to know how to trust Him.


                 We cannot come to God based on our righteousness. Do you know what God calls it? He says our righteousness before Him is like filthy rags. So what do we do? We divest ourselves of such an idea. It is unbelief and it is a sin against Christ and His blood shed for sinners. We come to Jesus, just as we are, without one plea and cry out to Him. It’s called repentance.






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