To show mercy “Compassion”


        Compassion;  disposition that fuels Acts of kindness and mercy.  A form of love, is aroused within us when we are confronted with those who suffer or are vulnerable.


        The Hebrew hamalrachuwm : words sometimes translated as “compassion” also bear a broader meaning such as “to show pity, ” “to love, ” and “to show mercy.” Other near synonyms for compassion in English are “to be loved by, ” “to show concern for, ” “to be tenderhearted, ” and “to act kindly.”


       If we had the compassion of Jesus, it would change our families, churches, and neighborhoods for the better. It would allow us to give to others what all of us want for ourselves.


       Cultivating a heart of compassion is a decision. We daily choose our priorities, focus, and how we spend our time. God recognizes any effort we make to reach out to people—to love people. God is in the people business. If we want to be involved in the work of the Lord, we have be in the people business too.


       Stories of Jesus compassion fill the four gospels. “And Jesus, moved with compassion,” Mark 1:41Mark 1:41
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

41 Jesús, teniendo misericordia de él, extendió la mano, lo tocó y le dijo: --Quiero, sé limpio.

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healed, touched, lifted, encouraged, and restored those He met. His love for lost, grieving, hurting humanity prompted Him to go to great lengths to touch their lives.


       While some people have a natural inclination to interact with people, all of us can choose to develop the skills we need to make us effective in the kingdom of God. The little lad who gave Jesus his lunch is a good example. He had little, yet he gave what he had to the Lord. Jesus gave thanks, distributed it, and fed the entire multitude.  John 6:1-14John 6:1-14
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

Alimentación de los cinco mil 6 1 Después de esto, Jesús fue al otro lado del Mar de Galilea,a el de Tiberias. 2 Y lo seguía una gran multitud, porque veían las señales que hacía en los enfermos. 3 Entonces subió Jesús a un monte y se sentó allí con sus discípulos. 4 Y estaba cerca la Pascua, la fiesta de los judíos.b 5 Cuando alzó Jesús los ojos y vio que había venido a él una gran multitud, dijo a Felipe: --¿De dónde compraremos pan para que coman estos? 6 Pero esto decía para probarlo, porque él sabía lo que iba a hacer. 7 Felipe le respondió: --Doscientos denarios de panc no bastarían para que cada uno de ellos tomara un poco. 8 Uno de sus discípulos, Andrés, hermano de Simón Pedro, le dijo: 9 --Aquí hay un muchacho que tiene cinco panes de cebadad y dos pescados; pero ¿qué es esto para tantos? 10 Entonces Jesús dijo: --Haced recostar a la gente. Había mucha hierba en aquel lugar, y se recostaron como en número de cinco mil hombres. 11 Tomó Jesús aquellos panes y, después de dar gracias,e los repartió entre los discípulos, y los discípulos entre los que estaban recostados; de igual manera hizo con los pescados, dándoles cuanto querían. 12 Y cuando se saciaron, dijo a sus discípulos: --Recoged los pedazos que sobraron, para que no se pierda nada. 13 Recogieron, pues, y llenaron doce cestas de pedazos que de los cinco panes de cebada sobraron a los que habían comido. 14 Entonces aquellos hombres, al ver la señal que Jesús había hecho, dijeron: «Verdaderamente este es el Profeta que había de venir al mundo».f

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. We may perceive our abilities, talents, and gifts as limited, but when we commit our willing heart to God, He can take our availability and provide the ability we may lack.


       When we allow God to use us, our willingness to serve, minister, and love those for whom He died, gets His attention. He is searching for hearts of compassion and those who love others enough to do whatever it takes to see the lost won. He is searching—seeking— longing for someone who cares.


       Stop for a moment. Look at your hands. Look at your feet. They are God’s hands and feet in this world. He has none except ours. All around us today are men, women, boys, and girls who in their own way are saying, “We would see Jesus”.  Will you introduce them to the Master?


My prayer is:

 Lord, give us a spirit of compassion that we may touch others with Your love. Remind us each day that there are many who long for more in life but do not know how to find true fulfillment that comes from You alone. Make us sensitive to the needs of others and allow us to love them as You love them, Amen.


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