The Bible: Never a Dull Moment


        The Bible the greatest story ever told.  The Bible is really one story, even though it consists of 66 books, written by about 40 different authors over hundreds of years.  But these books all have one perdominant theme.  Christ is not only the theme of both Testaments of the Bible, but He may also be seen as the subject in the sequence of the Scriptures.


“The Bible is one book, one history, one story — His story.”




Let’s try this three-sentece mini-summary of God’s book:


1. God is the author.

2. We are the characters.

3. Jesus is the theme.


Let’s flesh out the mini-summary:

1. God is the author.  The Creator of the universe wrote the Bible, which is the record of how God has choosen to work through history.



        All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.  It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right.   It is God’s way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do, 2 Timothy 3:15-172 Timothy 3:15-17
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15 y que desde la niñez has sabido las Sagradas Escrituras,k las cuales te pueden hacer sabio para la salvación por la fe que es en Cristo Jesús. 16 Toda la Escritura es inspirada por Dios y útill para enseñar, para redargüir, para corregir, para instruir en justicia, 17 a fin de que el hombre de Diosm sea perfecto, enteramente preparado para toda buena obra.

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   “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamend and who correctly handles the word of truth.  Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.  Their teaching will spread like gangrene.”


        Old + New = A Binding Agreement.  The Old Testament and the New Testament.  The word testament means “convenant,” which is a agreement between two parties. 


        The 39 books of the Old Testament tell about the agreement between God and His chosen people, the Israelites (or Hebrews, or Jews).  It also records how well each party lived up to the agreement (hint: One side did a lot better than the other).


        The 27 books of the New Testament tell about the covenant, or agreement, between God and the rest of humankind through the life of Jesus and His followers.


        No revolution that has ever taken place in society can be compared to that which has been produced by the words of Jesus Christ.    Mark Hopkins


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