The Bible: Never a Dull Moment


The Bible is one book, one history, one story — God’s story!


This three-sentence mini-sumary of God’s book:


1. God is the author.


2. We are the characters.


3. Jesus is the theme.



3. Jesus is the theme.  Evangelist Ken Poure once said that when an author writes a book, the characters don’t know him.  It would be impossible, for example, for Hamlet to know Shakespeare, the one who created Hamlet in the first place. And yet that’s exactly what God did when He sent Jesus.  In the great drama of human history, God has written Himself into the plot.  He did it 2000 years ago when He came to earth in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ.





But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners, Romans 5:8Romans 5:8
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

8 Pero Dios muestra su amor para con nosotros, en que siendo aún pecadores, Cristo murió por nosotros.i

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Any A+ student will tell you that before you read a book front to back, you need to scope it out first.  Read the covers and the flaps.  Peruse the table of contests.  Check out the pictures, if any.  Fan the pages.


The New Testament is the historical record of the birth and life of Jesus and the ministry His followers, who continued working after His death and resurrection.  Nine different authors wrote the books in the New Testament,  and all but one were Jewish.  The New Testament was originally written in Greek (the common language of the day) and covers a time span of less than 100 years.



Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.


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