Consequences in little decisions

Choices.  What was the choice Eve made?  It was just a decision about a piece of fruit.  Behind our a decision about a piece of fruit?  Or was it?  Behing our little decisions often lurk big decisions. 

Eve chose to listen to Satan’s lie.  She chose to believe that God had lied because He did not want His creatures becoming like Himself.  We are free to put our will above God’s will.   Disobedience to God broke the relationship between us and God.

Some made wise decisions.  Others made destructive choices.  Eve reached for a piece of fruit, just a piece of fruit and brought upon herself and upon all of us since that time the devastating consequences of the fall. 

Miriam-  a prophetess through whom God spoke chose to rebel against her brother’s leadership and became leprous.

Esther chose to risk her life for her captive people, and she saved a nation.

Rahab chose to hide the Israelite spies and became an ancestress of the Messiah.

The widow of Zarephath chose to share her last bit of bread with a starving prophet and was miraculously fed through a long famine.

Abigail chose to go against her husband’s wishes and saved an entire household.She also ended up marrying the king designate.

Ruth chose to stay with her mother-in-law, Naomi, in an alien land and found happiness there in the arms of a loving husband.

Choices. Life is full of them.  We have to make them.  So how do we make them well? Like our Victorian sisters a hundred years ago, we can turn to the Word of God, the Bible, for help in wise decison making.  There we can learn by percept and by example.

To choose wisely we must know God’s Word and apply it well. As we do that, we can become women of worth, wise women, women whom God can use.