“A True Christian Friend”

     Genuine friendship involves a shared sense of caring and concern, a desire to see one another grow and develop, and a hope for each other to succeed in all aspects of life. True friendship involves action and doing something for someone else while expecting nothing in return; sharing thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or negative criticism.

      Trust is essential to true friendship. We all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. We need to be able to share our deepest secrets with someone, without worrying that those secrets will end up on the Internet the next day! Failing to be trustworthy with those intimate secrets can destroy a friendship in a hurry.  Faithfulness and loyalty are key to true friendship.  Without them, we often feel betrayed, left out, and lonely.  In true friendship, there is no backbiting, no negative thoughts, no turning away.

      True friendship requires certain accountability factors.  Real friends encourage one another and forgive one another where there has been an offense.  Genuine friendship supports during times of struggle.  Friends are dependable. In true friendship, unconditional love develops.  We love our friends no matter what and we always want the best for our friends.

Real and true friendship involves accountability, truth, and forgiveness.

MORAL of the Picture:   FRIENDS may not be able to PULL you up . . .  BUT THEY will still think of ways not to let you FALL . . .      

God’s Word tells us that a friend sticks closer than a brother, and that in order for one to be a friend, one must show themselves friendly. Proverbs 18:24Proverbs 18:24
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

24 El hombre que tiene amigos debe ser amistoso, y amigos hay más unidos que un hermano.r

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      Do you need a friend? God wants to be your true friend.  Are you longing for companionship? God is always with you.  Who do you know who needs a true friend today?  God wants you to befriend others and be a true christian friend.   He calls us to be His hands and feet in a world starving for true friendship.