God’s Passionate Driven Leader


A leader should have a passion-filled love for God that is evident and influence others lives of those around you, a genuine love for God that is so strong that people see, sense, and experience whenever they are around you. It’s not about perfection. It’s about presence, God’s presence in your life. When you’re intimately connected to God regularly, that connection will become apparent in your actions, body language, attitudes, and genuine concern for people. People can discern between someone who has a textbook knowledge of God’s love and someone who has an ongoing, daily personal experience with God. A good leader knows to put in first place He’s spiritual development before He’s ministry development. Jesus clearly explained the importance of loving God: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is: “Love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 22:36-39Matthew 22:36-39
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

36 --Maestro, ¿cuál es el gran mandamientol en la Ley? 37 Jesús le dijo: --“Amarás al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma y con toda tu mente”.m 38 Este es el primero y grande mandamiento. 39 Y el segundo es semejante: “Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo”.n

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Loving the Lord your God is the greatest, and loving others as yourself is the second greatest. Failure to see the different between loving God (focusing on Him) and loving others (doing ministry) can result in a ministry-focused life rather than a God-focused life. Please, slow down and reread that last sentence. Does the distinction make sense to you? Your service in ministry should never come at the expense of your personal passion and depth for God.  


There’s nothing wrong with hard work in ministry, it’s probably motivated by a genuine concern. However, it’s nowhere near as important as genuinely wanting to follow Jesus, love him, and reveal that love by loving others.


Being connected to God on a daily basis is more important than anything you can do, leading a small group, hanging out with someone hurting, ministering to a family, those are all good things. But not at the expense of being with God’s person. Jesus said: “Remain in me, and I will remain in you . . . .  apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:4-5John 15:4-5
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

4 Permaneced en mí, y yo en vosotros. Como el pámpano no puede llevar fruto por sí mismo, si no permanece en la vid, así tampoco vosotros, si no permanecéis en mí. 5 »Yo soy la vid, vosotros los pámpanos; el que permanece en mí y yo en él, este lleva mucho fruto, porque separados de mí nada podéis hacer.d

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This image of being connected to God is the image you should be clinging to as a leader. A connection with God results in a healthy being. When this connection is valued, you’ll avoid spiritual apathy.


God isn’t looking for people who act righteously outwardly but aren’t healthy on the inside. God is much more concerned about your being than your doing.


Leader sometime accidentally fallen into the trap of thinking God wants our sacrifice of time and our offering of hard work more than he wants our praise and our pursuit of intimacy with Him.   Your relationship with God is more than the habits of reading your Bible and praying. Depth is revealed in the process of becoming intimate with God. Intimacy doesn’t happen in a day or a week, it happens during a long-term adventure with Jesus.


My prayer is that you’ll pause often to check the spiritual temperature of your heart and be prepared to take ruthless measures to connect with God. “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10Psalm 46:10
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

10 «Estad quietos y conoced que yo soy Dios; seré exaltado entre las naciones; enaltecido seré en la tierra».

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